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Hi, I'm Johnny Austen

A Full-Stack Dev

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I am a Full-Stack Web Developer

Hi, I'm Johnny! I'm a Front-End/Full-stack developer with experience working in front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, React & More) alongside some back-end experience in Node, Sequelize & Python. I currently manage the design, development and SEO requirements for Booths By Lux, The Vocal Hub, Grand Technical and Gig-Guide. I also contribute as a developer to the LGBTQ Health Directory developed by Out Boulder Co, Colorado.

Based in London, I have spent the last 11 months growing my skills across all areas of development with programs such as the Treehouse Techdegree, CWM Mastery Classes and SEMRush's SEO Academy. I have helped both Booths By Lux and Gig Guide achieve first page rankings for primary keywords, and have worked on complete re-designs for Grand Technical, The Vocal Hub & more. This has led to a huge improvement in User experience, decrease in bounce rate, and ultimately an increase in enquiries and sales.

I am currently interested in discussing opportunities related to Front-End Web Development, Full-Stack & SEO.



My journey here began in 2016, installing, managing, modifying and optimising Wordpress platforms for a number of local clients. I then decided to take my skills to the next level by enrolling on TeamTreehouse’s Front-End Techdegree. I’ve since built websites for Grand Technical, Gig Guide, Booths By Lux, Dan’s Dogs (now defunct) and The Vocal Hub. I build sites using a component-first, bottom-up approach that fuses functionality with lightning-fast load times. I regularly work with the BEM naming convention, SASS and JavaScript frameworks like React.


As a full-stack developer, I have been lucky enough to work with a variety of programming languages across different projects. I first started out working with Python, before moving on to develop a number of applications with Node on the TeamTreehouse Techdegree course. My largest project yet has been a full-stack library courses app, built with a React front-end and restful API - which is powered by Express, Node & Sequelize. I have also contributed to some small projects that are built using MongoDB. I have also recently started learning PHP.


Since Q1 2020, I have managed the SEO campaigns for Booths By Lux and Gig-Guide. Gig Guide currently sits in first spot for it’s main keyword (Gig Guide - which is highly competitive) and on page 1 for a number of other competitive keywords. Booths By Lux - at the time a brand new site, has now seen jumps from page 16 to page 1 for 4 of it’s primary keywords. Enquiries in 2021 alone have risen by 600% versus 2020, whilst the user bounce rate and dwell time have also both seen huge improvements.



Interested in working together? Drop me a line!